Understanding Dredging: Three Different Uses for this Operation: Pt II


Reasons to Dredge

We know dredging is useful for maintaining waterways, capital works and beach nourishment, but there are other ways dredging can come in handy.

Gathering Precious Materials

Dredging has been used by the mining industry for harvesting precious materials. It’s easier and safer to gather gold, diamonds and other valuable sediments with dredges.

Flood Prevention

Flooding can be a major problem for areas near oceans and seas. However, dredging is used to increase a channel’s depth and capacity, and helps prevent or reduce flooding.

Land Reclamation

Sand, clay and rocks can be mined for land reclamation. With dredging, these materials can be gathered to create new land for various uses, such as construction.

Dredging is a very useful operation that is possible with the use of a dredge. If you are interested in purchasing dredging equipment, pay a visit to Dragflow North America.

About Dragflow North America

Dragflow North America offers the toughest Slurry, Sludge, Sand Pumps, and Dredges with the shortest delivery time to the US market.
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