Three Different Types of Dredges Used for Maritime Excavation


Choose a Dredge

Dredging is used for many maritime activities, such as beach nourishment and the creation of waterways. There are different types of dredges that can be used in these excavation operations.

Bucket Dredger

These dredgers use a series of buckets that are mounted along a boom on cables. A portion of the dredge is submerged into the water, and the buckets scoop up the sediments, bring them upwards to be deposited.

Clamshell Dredger

Clamshell dredgers use clamshell bucket to pick up the materials underwater. These are attached to a crane or a barge and are manually operated.

Cutter Head Suction Dredger

A cutter suction dredger has a cutting head to break down compact sediments before being sucked away. Some dredgers come with their own cutters, while there are dredge cutters that can be bought and attached dredger.

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