Useful Tips for Maintaining Heavy Duty Sand Pumps


Taking Care of Slurry Pumps

Centrifugal pumps and slurry pumps are heavy duty equipment that are useful for underwater and submersible purposes. These pumps, however, need maintenance to keep them working.

Don’t Open for General Inspection

Inspecting your equipment is important, but don’t open the pumps for a general inspection unless there is evidence of poor performance, driver overload or disturbing noise.

Examine Impellers

After multiple uses, wear on the impellers may occur. If there is evidence of corrosion, erosion or cavitation, a specially designed impeller may be needed to replace the old one.

Record Inspections/Repairs

A record of all inspections and repairs should be kept. This is important for preventative maintenance and reduces frequent, unnecessary and costly maintenance work.

Although powerful, these pumps need to be maintained. You can purchase slurry pumps from Dragflow North America if you need a couple of new ones.

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Understanding Dredging: Three Different Uses for this Operation: Pt II


Reasons to Dredge

We know dredging is useful for maintaining waterways, capital works and beach nourishment, but there are other ways dredging can come in handy.

Gathering Precious Materials

Dredging has been used by the mining industry for harvesting precious materials. It’s easier and safer to gather gold, diamonds and other valuable sediments with dredges.

Flood Prevention

Flooding can be a major problem for areas near oceans and seas. However, dredging is used to increase a channel’s depth and capacity, and helps prevent or reduce flooding.

Land Reclamation

Sand, clay and rocks can be mined for land reclamation. With dredging, these materials can be gathered to create new land for various uses, such as construction.

Dredging is a very useful operation that is possible with the use of a dredge. If you are interested in purchasing dredging equipment, pay a visit to Dragflow North America.

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Three Different Types of Dredges Used for Maritime Excavation


Choose a Dredge

Dredging is used for many maritime activities, such as beach nourishment and the creation of waterways. There are different types of dredges that can be used in these excavation operations.

Bucket Dredger

These dredgers use a series of buckets that are mounted along a boom on cables. A portion of the dredge is submerged into the water, and the buckets scoop up the sediments, bring them upwards to be deposited.

Clamshell Dredger

Clamshell dredgers use clamshell bucket to pick up the materials underwater. These are attached to a crane or a barge and are manually operated.

Cutter Head Suction Dredger

A cutter suction dredger has a cutting head to break down compact sediments before being sucked away. Some dredgers come with their own cutters, while there are dredge cutters that can be bought and attached dredger.

If you are in need of a submersible dredging cutter, be sure to visit Dragflow North America today!

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Understanding Dredging: Three Different Uses for this Operation


What is Dredging?

Dredging in an operation or process in which an excavation is conducted to remove sediments in shallow areas of water. This operation has different uses and applications.

 Maintenance of Waterways

After multiple passages, waterways and channels can become shallow due to the collection of mud and sediments. Dredging is used to maintain deep, navigational passageways.

Capital/Investment Works

These types of work involve the removal of hard materials, which a dredge can get done. Dredging is used in the creation of new harbors and waterways, or the deepening of surrounding areas to allow access for larger ships.

Beach Nourishment

The sand on beaches can be eroded by storms and the wavers over time, but mining sand with the help of a dredge can be used to replace lost sand, nourishing the beach.

A dredge will be needed to get the job done right. You can purchase dredges from Dragflow North America to get your dredging activities underway.

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Three Industries that Use Slurry Pumps


Why Slurry Pumps?

Slurry pumps are centrifugal pumps used to suspend solids in water, creating a mixture referred to as slurry. These industrial water pumps are used by different industries to transport corrosive materials or large amounts of slurry.


The mining industry requires the extraction of a large amount of coal, metals and valuable minerals. The use of slurry pumps allows for a safer, larger extraction amount.

Sand & Gravel

Aggregate refers materials used in construction, which includes sand, gravel and crushed stones. Gathering or mining of these materials are made easy with the use of slurry pumps.


Although sewage does not appear on the surface, it needs to be treated properly to avoid complications Slurry pumps are necessary for proper treatment of sewage.

These industries need to ensure they have quality slurry pumps available to get the job done. Interested persons or companies can purchase slurry pumps from Dragflow North America.

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